Month: January 2008

Why doesn’t anyone see the bigger picture?

Reading through the paper yesterday, I came across yet another ad for the government’s ‘environmental’ approach.  Australia’s been suffering drought for years now, so water is a big issue and was huge in the lead up to the last elections.  What’s the solution proposed?  Everybody seems to love it but me, but the response to Read More

How will txtspk and chat change our world?

New technologies to communicate have already changed the approach ofthe last few generations. The advent of spell check has reduced spelling skills to the point that governments throughout the western world are frantically trying to address the rebound against them from devotees of the “Three R’s” approach. As you know, it’s no easy task to Read More

Will the Internet Evolve Consciousness?

One of the most frequent questions I see in the communities I use online is whether or not the internet is likely to become a ‘supermind’ type entity. It’s an interesting question, because the answer depends largely on how much we as a race are willing to modify ourselves. The simple answer is always going Read More