What does ‘the Media’ have to do with chicken?

After a spate of protests world wide over an anti-moslem film, the arguments ran hot and fast at work, and at the local club. Most people couldn’t understand how someone could protest so hard over a film they hadn’t seen, based entirely on what someone else told them about it.  Funny, because I see a Read More

The Secret nobody wants to know

So we all heard the raves about this movie, “The Secret”, right?  Everyone was fascinated by the idea that our thoughts create our reality.  But now, a few years on, what’s happened? A lot of people tried it, didn’t get a fast car/mansion with it, and are now convinced it doesn’t work A few people Read More

Education, 3rd Millennium style

I found this today on the blog of a Canadian educator. Love it. Love how collaborative it is. Read the credits at the end, and they span the globe, a perfect example of what they’re talking about needing to set up. I hope someone sees this who can set it in train for education in Read More

Success, Fame, Bell Curves and Sine Waves

I recently signed up to do a course in online marketing, called the ‘Thirty Day Challenge‘. In it, I had to research a niche, then start building a content-based blog around it. Considering the fun I’d been having finding way out options to annoy my car-loving boyfriend, I chose the niche “alternative vehicles” and set Read More

Deep Thought Day: “Standard Model” and the search for mass

I’ve just finished watching a documentary on SBS called the Six Billion Dollar Experiment. I’m fascinated by all things scientific, especially cutting edge and where the search currently lies in a field, so I couldn’t miss this one. What really got me, though, was that despite having early on in the show made the link Read More

I’m not the only one thinking this way…

Just found a video by a professor of cultural anthropology talking about his view of how the web is changing us, and we’re changing the web. I couldn’t blink it was that riveting. Connecting to the internet means you’ve already taken the red pill.Welcome to the machine. Read More

Driving and the attention economy

I was reading about a car crash this morning where the driver was convinced they’d gone through a green light, but the car behind them (and the car they plowed into) both saw it as red. Having also had someone almost walk right into me as the train doors opened heading into work, because they Read More

Why doesn’t anyone see the bigger picture?

Reading through the paper yesterday, I came across yet another ad for the government’s ‘environmental’ approach.  Australia’s been suffering drought for years now, so water is a big issue and was huge in the lead up to the last elections.  What’s the solution proposed?  Everybody seems to love it but me, but the response to Read More

How will txtspk and chat change our world?

New technologies to communicate have already changed the approach ofthe last few generations. The advent of spell check has reduced spelling skills to the point that governments throughout the western world are frantically trying to address the rebound against them from devotees of the “Three R’s” approach. As you know, it’s no easy task to Read More

Will the Internet Evolve Consciousness?

One of the most frequent questions I see in the communities I use online is whether or not the internet is likely to become a ‘supermind’ type entity. It’s an interesting question, because the answer depends largely on how much we as a race are willing to modify ourselves. The simple answer is always going Read More